Cast: Larry 'Buster' Crabbe, Carol Hughes, Charles Middleton, Frank Shannon, Anne Gwynne
Running Time: 15 mins.

Our fearless hero Flash Gordon is rescued from the energy pit and escapes with Dr. Alexis Zarkov from the palace of Ming The Merciless. Ronal, a Captain to Prince Barin, learns the location for an antidote to the 'The Purple Death' which is now ravaging Earth. The antidote is a mineral called 'Polarite' and is only found in the frozen wastes of Frigia. Flash and Dr. Zarkov mount an expedition to Frigia, using a discovery by Dr. Zarkov to survive the deadly freezing tempetures. An enemy rocket ship, sent by Ming, spots our intrepid group high upon a frozen mountain searching for the antidote. The ship attacks, narrowly missing them with a dropped bomb. While the bomb misses, it causes an avalanche the puts Flash and his companions in deadly jeopardy. Will Flash survive the avalanche? Will he find the antidote to save Earth?