Cast: Larry 'Buster' Crabbe, Carol Hughes, Charles Middleton, Frank Shannon, Anne Gwynne
Running Time: 17 mins.

Flash Gordon successfully rescues his companions and are able to reach Emperor Ming's laboratory where upon they barricade themselves inside. Unable to attack them without destroying the very power source that Emperor Ming uses to rule with an iron fist, Ming loads a rocket ship to gills with the explosive element Solarite and threatens to launch it towards Earth if they do not surrender. Flash counter attacks by hijacking the Solarite laden rocket ship and flies it on a collision course with Ming's palace. Rushing up to the palace control tower Ming and his minions attempt to regain control of the rocket ship only to be thwarted by a guard loyal to Flash.
Flash parachutes out of the rocket ship at the very last second and is saved in a daring mid-air rescue by Dr. Zarkov's rocket ship. Meanwhile the Solarite ship crashes into the control tower in a huge explosion destroying both Emperor Ming The Merciless and his entourage of evil. Earth is saved and the universe is now a much better place!