Running Time: 9 mins.

Another in the series of "ComiColor" cartoons Ub Iwerks produced based on fairy or folk tales, not unlike Disney's concurrent Silly Symphonies. The musical score by Carl Stalling (who left Disney's employ alongside Iwerks) is outstanding, extremely catchy and atmospheric, and really carries the viewer along. The color is nice, however the Cinecolor process Iwerks used was not as dazzling as Disney's choice of Technicolor, but the blues and reds look strong here, and the backgrounds, such as sinister-looking trees against night skies, are especially effective. Iwerks was also experimenting with an early version of the multi-plane camera in this cartoon, something which the Disney staff would later put to such great use in THE OLD MILL and PINOCCHIO, and the gliding camera movement during the climatic chase is a nice touch. For Classic Era Hollywood buffs there's a funny moment when Katrina imagines her beau, Brom Bones, as another Clark Gable, who is amusingly caricatured.