Running Time: 9 mins.

A giant prehistoric reptile is found in the Artic and is brought back to the Metropolis Museum for observation. The Museum Engineer, who is busy talking to Lois, carelessly sets his oil can down on a ledge while looking at her legs as she climbs the stairs. The oil can vibrates along the ledge and falls down into the turbine which runs the freezer, getting ground up inside and causing the turbine to jam. As the other engineers work to repair the turbine, the temperature rises. The ice starts melting, and the monster comes to life. The giant beast begins a rampage, attacking the citizens of Metropolis. Luckily, Clark Kent and Lois Lane are at the Metropolis Museum, and Clark quickly changes into Superman. He tries to stop the giant lizard, in spite of Ms. Lane's efforts to get her story and get into Superman's way. The Man Of Steel gets the better of the Artic giant, tying him up, thus saving the city and Lois Lane once again.