Cast: Clayton Moore, Jay Silverheels, Louise Lorimer, Tristram Coffin, Leonard Strong
Running Time: 23 mins.

The Wells Fargo Company has been plagued by a string of stagecoach holdups everywhere, except in Boone County where a remarkable woman, Cannonball McKay (Louise Lorimer), holds the stagecoach franchise. The Lone Ranger & Tonto are there to find out why McKay has hired on a recently released convict, Clem Jones (Leonard Strong) as her assistant and to help their friend, U.S. Marshal Jim Handley (Tristram Coffin), solve the robberies. The role of Doc Tate is played by Charles Meredith, the role of Porky is played by Ralph Peters, the role of Hash is played by Fred Murray and the Wells Fargo agent, Collins, is played by Mack Williams.