Cast: Fred Astaire, Jane Powell, Peter Lawford, Sarah Churchill, Keenan Wynn, Albert Sharpe
Running Time: 93 mins.

Besides being the film made immortal by Fred Astaire's dancing-on-the-ceiling number, "You're All The World To Me," Royal Wedding marked the beginning of a golden year for M-G-M producer Arthur Freed, one that would later include the musical triumphs Show Boat and An American In Paris. Directed by Stanley Donen and featuring music by Alan Jay Lerner and Burton Lane, Royal Wedding dazzled with innovative camera work and top-notch tunes. Astaire and Powell had three duets: "Ev'ry Night At Seven," " I Left My Hat In Haiti," and "Open Your Eyes." "Too Late Now," written especially for Powell's range and timbre, earned an Oscar® nomination for Best Song. Then there's Astaire's other big solo turn, "Sunday Jumps," wherein the star dances with a hat rack and other items inside the ocean liner's gymnasium.