Cast: K.T. Stevens, Richard Travis, Lisa Simone, Lee Roberts, Leslie Parrish, Tania Velia, Michael Whalen
Running Time: 77 mins.

Green cheese? Men in the Moon? Nah, everyone knows that the moon is really populated by beautiful women wearing silk underwear and spiked heels! They are ruled by "The Lido", an evil temptress, and share the moon with giant rock men and an enormous spider. Honest. Just watch this campy remake of Cat Women of the Moon and see for yourself. For those with patience and nostalgia for Saturday afternoon matinee/late movie fodder, Missile to the Moon offers a wealth of juvenile delights, with its improbable monsters, wonky science, and serial-style hidden civilization. Director Richard Cunha was responsible for some of the most uninspired, slapdash science fiction titles of the '50s, including She Demons, Frankenstein's Daughter, and Giant From the Unknown, which played on a double bill with Missile to the Moon in 1958.