Running Time: 13 mins.

Features a bizarre chef demonstrating to "the ladies in the audience" that they would be able to get "a fascinating 12 piece kitchen set, one piece each week. It is really fascinating and interesting to know how to prepare food in an appetizing manner." He then demonstrates the set in the classic carnival barker style, with these features: 1) If you run out of shrimp for your shrimp salad, you can always use raw potato. 2) Mother in Laws like big hunks of potato. 3) The combination of Cabbage, flour dough and parsley go well together, especially when ground together really fine (absorbs the juice that way). 4) The Melon baller used to be called the "Farijon Scoop". 5) Those potato slicers that you always see advertised for free used to be called the "Sarah Bernhardt" cutter. You're guess is as good as mine why!